Tie Blanket Instructions

I have been making a few tie blankets lately. It all started with making one for a raffle basket for my guide dog group. I found super cute dog fabric and was so happy with the results that I needed to make a couple for me and others. I took a recent trip to Arizona and shared some pictures of these blankets with my Aunt and she said that she would love to make one as well. So here are the directions that I created to help others make them.

Step 1:

Pick 2 fleece fabrics (you will need the same amount of each fabric). This will be the front and back of your blanket.

The following are guidelines for approximate amounts of fabric you might want:

- Small dog blanket = 1 Yard

- Large dog blanket = 1.5 Yards

- Normal size blanket = 2 Yards

- Long blanket = 2.5 Yards

Step 2:

Pick one fabric and spread it out on the floor with the side you want to show down facing the floor. The side that is up with be on the inside of your blanket.

Step 3:

Lay your second fabric directly on top of the first fabric. This time the side that you want to show will be facing up. Line up both fabrics as best as you can.

Step 4:

Cut around all edges of both fabrics at the same time using pinking shears. Be sure that you are cutting off all seams and labels.

Step 5:

Cut a square at each corner of the fabric using pinking shears. Cuts should be about 2-2.5 inches. Depends on how large you want your tie strips to be.

Step 6:

Work your way around the blanket making inward cuts through both fabrics at once. The cuts should be the same depth as your corner squares from the previous step. Each cut should be approximately 1 inch apart.

Step 7:

Start as one corner and work your way around the fabric tying the two pieces together. You should be making two knots with each set of strips. You want to tie the knots tightly so that they do not come apart in the wash.

When you are done your fabric might be slightly bunched towards the corners. Gently grab the edges of the fabric and pull them in opposite directions essentially stretching the fabric out until it lays flat. You will hear slight ripping sounds of the fabric as this will be evening out all of the cuts.

Step 8:

After stretching out the fabric the blanket should lay flat and is now ready to enjoy!